Wednesday, February 15

my cats are a right pair of malingerers.

they are fiercely competitive with each other when it comes to gaining my attention, though of course, they'd never admit it.

the dramatic tabby sometimes pretends to lose his voice and mewls the most painful, raspy, there's-nothing-coming-out type cry whilst blinking sadly and appearing visibly fatigued.
the first time this happened, i must admit i bought it.
i cried, left my supper and googled feline laryngitis with a sniffling demeanour. then i realised it only happened when the trickster wanted more biccies. he can wail like a siren when he chooses.
i cried no more and cancelled the appointment at the vets.

the other one, the black & white charlatan, often adopts a limp.
he will appear from a 14 hour sleep on his fancy cushion and hobble towards me, looking brittle, hoping for either duck giblets or a kiss. he is an alarmist who's wonky walk comes and goes more often than the blackbirds on my shed roof.
upon leaving the house he likes nothing more than to sprint up the blossom tree and do some freaky pouncing on autumn leaves.

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