Saturday, February 18

the list i wrote before my heart broke:

  • jenny wren in the cabbage patch
  • lovelyboys
  • just you, me, and the lovesick fatties at the chinese buffet
  • the greatest
  • (do not tell her that you) track monkeys with lasers
  • you have to buy them a white horse
  • pale pool
  • make the beauty cry
  • she said: what's a poisoned chalice?
  • hurtful heartbeats
  • can i? can i??
  • bladderwrack print wallpaper
  • cool - so you can bring me a deer?
  • you make me wanna throw my tiger out the window
  • if you hadn't died, i'd be in a galaxy dress right now smoking a roll-up
  • i wrote 'kill me' in my notebook for a joke - i didn't mean it!

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