Thursday, February 2

dear long haired pussycat whom we refer to as dragonwind,

please feel free to sleep in our shed,
we know you are shy.
i have done my very best to discourage our house cats from causing you any trouble, ignore them if they tell you that you must leave.
remember, they are not the boss of you.
there is also a small wooden house and you are welcome to sleep in it anytime the weather is inclement. there will always be a warm place for you in our garden. i hope you find the orange cushion to yr liking.
if you ever require our attention or indeed, affection, please do not hesitate to knock on the back door.
we are always in.

fondest wishes,
miss nicky peacock

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page turner said...

dear dragonwind,

yes, please do heed kind miss peacock's words. and she will post lovely little film clips of you whilst you share her breakfast and discover dew-dappled cobwebs in the garden. and then we'll all see how you're getting on.