Monday, February 13

dear dragonwind,

i saw you in fairfield avenue today spoiling for a fight with a ginger and black bobtail. it was strange because i had just been thinking of you, wondering where you live, if indeed you reside anywhere on a regular basis.

both you and the tailless one seemed unconcerned that you were sitting in the middle of a road and this, naturally, worried me. i approached you but fearing i would make the situation worse with human meddling, i soon backed away.
all of this caused me to miss my bus to town.
i didn't mind really.

i hope you visit us again soon, i will have a large bowl of yr favourite biscuits waiting at the end of the garden near the jasmine trellis.

please take care out there and stay away from oxford road, it is too busy for a dawdler like you.

yrs affectionately,
miss nicky peacock


Anonymous said...

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Nat said...

hello miss, i really like this blog, although i get confused due to the dreamlike twists and turns it takes, but it makes me feel happy.


longcat said...

happy valentines yourself...

loved your out of season set...


cryingboy said...

...reminds me of Murakami...

so happy to find your blog (via f'log)