Monday, January 16

my hairdressers is haunted.
the owner says she's not surprised because it's a sad part of town and there are a lot of odd buildings on that strip of road, spiritualist churches, cheap bed & breakfast type accomodations full of lost souls, timid refugees and loneliness.
i see plenty of people who look haunted around that part of town every time i go for a trim.
she said her staff have been reporting strange occurrances since the 80's when she bought the place. the usual; things going missing, heating turning itself on and off, inexplicable cold periods and footsteps and shadows.
she said she'd actually seen the ghosts.
i asked her what they looked like and she said,
'well, it's like when you see something moving out of the corner of yr eye...but it's in front of you and yr looking right at it'.

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Anonymous said...

When I lived in Brighton I worked at the hairdresser right nest to the Theater Royal. At that time it was called; "Viccari" and was right across the street from a wonderful baker (I got so fat that summer). Anyway, the salon had a basement where we all took our lunches and stocked product. I used to sit outside and smoke after closing while waiting for my boyfriend to get off work so that we could walk home together. ( I lived at 40 Queens Gardens) One night while I was out on the stoop I heard some wailing and ran out to the front really quick. I told my boss and other staff the next day and they all had equal stories, mostly about the basement, some wailing girl noises and a girl who hanged herself down there when the place was a house long long ago. Creeepy.