Tuesday, January 24

curious girl fascinates me further:

a) turns out she's french b) big round spectacles c) piano scarf d) vanity case containing concertina e) she only plays the chromatic kind f) she wants to lose her lovely accent g) sings along lightly h) arrives alone, leaves alone h) originally from flanders, stayed here because of the scene

folk notes:

  • the age of steam and sail
  • mind the light, kate
  • raffle wine
  • early doors
  • new york girls
  • bluegrass sentimentalism versus pirates, plagues and english widows

1 comment:

billinghamforehead said...

what lovely clear english

it's soothing my scalextric nerves

for too long (or what the nurses cheerfully call
a week) your antithesis has been grunting through my ceiling

i wish you would swap

she's apparently a singer

everything she does, she does it for us

her heart will go on

she's torn etc

she's stolen abbey road and installed it above my living room

now i can't live

i decided to bang upwards with a brush handle that, like me, has lost it's head

she, naturally, has turned her art up

consoling myself, i am trying to unamalgamate a coagulation of out-of-date raspberries bought a pale afternoon ago from morrissons in berwick hills

i am going out to see sean

leaving kate to face the music

red juice is all the forensics will get from this keyboard