Monday, December 19

monday brought:

3 cards from unexpected sources; distant aunt and gold wise men, long-gone friend and unstuck silver, much-missed contemporary with envelope full of sharp glitter.


Anonymous said...

hello N, if this is you I think it is. I have put N because in this type of thing I think I'm not supposed to put your real name because you don't want everyone to know it. I am C or should I say big C sos you know who I am and I have furry trousers (still) I hope you are N or you will be worried. Don't worry if you are not N because I am harmless. If you are N, hello, I miss you, lets get together soon, I am a tad drunk tonite cos I have finished one job, one to go b4 Christmas, but have had a night of worrying about whether I advised students rightly about important desiscions - I shud have just said you know better than me, Not that i'm down about this or anything. I really hope this is you and not an axe murderer

lone bc (big.....likes will young and Morrisey) xxxx

stringbeanjean said...

C, it is me, N
you are wonderful, especially in yr eternally furry trousers.

i got yr xmas card today (as stated in my post) thanks ow for the sharp glitter oww.

you rule, you have ruled, you will continue to rule.

let's eat, um..i mean meet, soon. come over and have tea with me one afternoon.
i miss you too.

Anonymous said...

are you still up at this time of night? i am chomping my way thru my christmas nuts. i wud love to come n have tea with you one afternoon. send me one back if you're up it's quite exciting foran oaftp (old age furry trousered pissartist)like me xxxx

h said...

oooh can i come and have tea with you and mystery-C?