Monday, November 7

what's on?

bbc 1 - man with big moustache sits on beach explaining

bbc 2 - old man walks down steps in slo-mo

itv - football. one side wears green and the other, white

channel 4 - rapper in a red light

channel 5 - woman and child (wearing bandanas) drinking poison in the jungle

itv 2 - comedy policeman and face-pulling girl

bbc 3 - girl pretends to cry, fake audience laughs

bbc 4 - two men float up river in a boat

sky 3 - tube trains, men in blue smile to camera

uktv history - petals and waifs and a king in a carriage, feathered hats

e4 - speeded-up red carpet, grinning, jerry hall's teeth

qvc - woman's white fingernails sticking hearts on to card

the hits - tall welsh actor miming oasis in black and white

ftn - soaking wet girl on conveyor belt, team mates shout encouragement

tmf - tattooed guitarists, flashing lights, hairsprayed hair

bid tv - close-up - falling price £31 for topaz and diamond ring

price drop tv - uncomfortable man holding child's red buggy

itv 3 - kissing couple caught in shed by woman wearing rubber gloves

men and motors - girl shaving armpits in pretend heaven

e4+1 - skinheads covered in blood pointing shotguns at hollywood man

bbc news 24 - reading newspaper headlines - truth about the singing butler

itv news - woman tying headscarf in mirror

sky news - silvery lake, boat called mohican, man in plaid shirt, serious faced busty reporter


gaz topp said...

i prefer the old days
when you turned a dial on the wall
to a secret music box

stringbeanjean said...

oh yes i loved the secret redifusion music box. i used to watch it for 6 hours at a time until all the same video came around again.
i saw a lot of you in those days gaz, because of my eternal tonsillitis. til this day, sore throats remind me of spear of destiny and sade.