Thursday, October 6

Plans to redevelop Teesside's oldest mental hospital have moved a step closer.

Some of the country's leading building developers are meeting to discuss the refurbishment of St. Lukes.

The Victorian hospital in Middlesbrough is the subject of a £73 million modernization drive.

Chief executive for the trust, Mrs Tina Turner said yesterday,
'what's love got to do with it? what's love but a second hand emotion'

Work is expected to start in 2007 and will take approximately two years to complete.


Carol said...

Hello Stringbeanjean,
I am here to inform you that you have been nominated for featured fr..mmph..less site of the week. The winner will be announced this Friendly Friday.
Good luck!

stringbeanjean said...

i am friendless by choice.
beat it carol.

Carol said...

I still like your blog and
uhum, it is too late. The call is on.
Artists are tempermental, I understand.