Thursday, October 13

part two

The skeleton's lodgings had an ancient head and modern feet. The ceiling was the sky, the floor the earth. It was painted white and decorated with snowballs in which a heart beat. He looked like a transparent monument dreaming of an electric breast, and gazed without eyes, with a pleasant and invisible smile, into the inexhaustible supply of silence that surrounds our star.

The skeleton didn't like disasters, but to suggest that life did have it's hazardous moments, he had placed an enormous thimble in the middle of his fine apartment, on which he sat from time to time like a real philosopher. Sometimes he danced a few steps to the tune of Saint-Saens's 'Danse Macabre'. But he did it with such grace, with such guilelessness, in the manner of midnight dances in romantic, old-fashioned graveyards, that nobody seeing him would have thought anything unpleasant.



shoshana mcgillicuddy said...

Thanks for showing me yours (since I showed you mine)

This is poetry. Divine.

xox, e. said...

my photograph was humbled by your caption . . . i didn't know you had a blog, much less once decorated by snowballs. you're divine, you are

Anonymous said...

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