Thursday, April 7

she moved out on sunday, the sad blonde from across the road.
barefoot, she directed her father to the last of her belongings.
i watched her through my window as i had done five sundays before.
her in pyjamas, clinging to the bonnet of her lover's car, begging.
me, paralyzed, open mouthed, as he reversed his car with her still on it.
i was bewildered as she forced the car door open and dragged him, by his keys, back into the house.
i was sad but impressed by her superhuman, heartbroken girl strength.
ten minutes later i heard him leave again.

that side of the road is jinxed, i'm sure.


longcat said...

you remind me of that sonic youth album cover... goo i think it's called - black & white cartoon picture.. "i stole my sister's boyfriend. it was all whirlwind, heat and flash. within a week we killed my parents and hit the road."

Anonymous said...

so that's how it ended.
poor girl.
reminds me of a poor boy i heard lose his wife through the floor of my apartment.