Saturday, April 16

notes from a melodrama (1947)

* love and kisses made her cough.
* i have morning temperatures and evening temperatures,
i'm losing weight and i don't care.
* i thought going out in the rain would surely be the end of her.
* breeze through porthole made her cough.
* that's one of the tricks of her illness.
* you run along / you ski..?
* consider this - would you swap barbara stanwyck's sunlit face for a walk in the wet woods?
* you must think of yourself as in a deep sleep between today and tomorrow
and before you know it, the darkness will be gone.
* ends with snowfall.

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longcat said...

if i find a showing of double indemnity or to have & have not somewhere roughly between the north and the south of england would you come to the pictures with me... is that a creepy request? x